I don’t know how long since the last time I wrote thing in English…as long as I remember…this is the first time I publish it to this blog… ^^ Ya…this is just another effort to get me back on the right path and remind me the things I always love to do...even it hurts a little bit. Honestly I can’t figure it out …I can face this hurts or not…damn I don’t know about it. But let’s take this is also another effort for me to face it.

What I’m gonna say now..ya…I don’t know it…lol….^^ just writing down what I see within the limitation of every single sense the I have. :P
Yah…about 2 weeks ago..a great month of moslem have gone by and holidays come to an end too. Head on the (internet as the most things that people consume lately) and you’ll find some funny things there. If you can really find it…lol. Simple and small example : people wrote status about “back to the real life by the time holidays come to and end” …lol. Hell yeah…they gotta be kidding me!! I mean…what the hell is happened to their life ?? is that holidays cannot be categorized as a “Real Life” ?? you guys answer me … :P

Again…with the same status. Let me wrong a little bit..i’ll look it as another kind of “Complaining”. Yah…people sometime just get too afraid to face what they call “real life” and the simplest way to runaway from it..by saying or wrote it down. Ya…of course, its not totally wrong. We all need some time to get our self free from this hectic life..right ? ;) But the worst thing that might happen…is when people didn’t realize that words also is a reality and if its come to just a damn repetition. Hell yeah…let me call it “Rotten Inside”. We’re just gonna buried our self alive in the same hole…again and again..without even realize it that we did and we’ll stuck there and can’t figure it out the solution. Tell me if I’m wrong ?? ;)

Berhubung saya sudah makan, minum obat…dan merokok…saya ngantuk oiiii…sudah mi dulu deh… :P

Nb : I’ve been so long in this fuckin hole…I’m digging in and crawling to get my way out…


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